Reseller's perks:

  1.  For every minimum of eleven (11) assorted cheesecake jars, you will get 5% off
  2. For every minimum of twenty-two (22) assorted cheesecake jars, you will get 7% off
  3. For every minimum of forty-four (44) assorted cheesecake jars, you will get 10% off
  4. For every minimum of sixty-six (66) assorted cheesecake jars, you will get 12% off
  5. For every minimum of eighty-eight (88) assorted cheesecake jars, you will get 15% off


How reseller's program work:

  • Only eligible / approved account can avail the program
  • Same-day delivery is not valid for reseller's order
  • Next day delivery is available for eligible reseller
  • Cut-off time for "confirmed paid orders" for next-day delivery is 3:30 pm
  • Your order is eligible for next-day delivery if your order is confirmed paid before 3:30pm, NOT when your order is placed, NOT when proof of payment is sent
  • For reseller's order above 40 jars, it will be delivered in 2-3 business days
  • Your discount code MUST BE applied before you check out your order. If you placed your order WITHOUT the discount code, we CANNOT manually apply the code. Please double check before checking out.


How to avail:

  1. Create an account on Sugarsalt's online store here
  2. Handwrite in a piece of paper "I'm applying for Sugarsalt's reseller program"
  3. On the same piece of paper, write the current date you're applying for the program
  4. On the same paper, write the 2 things you cannot do as reseller (if you read all the details here, you'll know the answer)
  5. Email us at, one (1) photo of your
    full face (not half body, not full body!) holding at least one
    government ID and
    the piece of paper with details from item 2 - 4.
    • Your face must match the photo on the government ID you're holding
    • Your face must not be covered by the ID or the paper you're holding or any other things like sunglasses, mask, handkerchief, etc.
    • The "I'm applying for Sugarsalt's reseller program" must be readable
    • The current date must be readable
    • Send one (1) photo only!
    • We want to make sure we're getting legit resellers, we're trying to avoid bogus resellers that might scam buyers, the photo you'll send will be private and only be used for legal purposes in case of scam activities involved by the said reseller
  6. You will receive a reply within 1 - 2 business days if you're approved.
  7. You will be automatically disapproved if you failed to follow steps 1 - 5 (a - c).
  8. Once disapproved, you can re-apply again after two weeks.
  9. Once you're approved, your account will be tagged as reseller and you can now enjoy exclusive discounts!


What you cannot do as reseller:

  1. DO NOT remove the "consume before" date label in the jar
  2. DO NOT remove the top sticker with ingredients and "keep refrigerated" label. If you want to remove our branding and replace your name or your store name, there's a one time fee P150.00 for basic label design and printing & cutting fee of P2.50 for every cheesecake jar. If you will avail rebranding, please contact us at